Solar storage

Solar Storage System

Installing a battery can provide numerous benefits when used in conjunction with an existing or new solar system. Battery storage allows for the storage of electricity generated by your solar system during the day for later use, for example night time when the sun has stopped shining. 

Advantages of a battery storage system:

  • Reduce your reliance on electricity from the grid.
  • Reduce exposure to future electricity price rises.
  • Depending on your system, it can provide electricity to your home during power outages.
  • Maximise the energy from your solar panels by capturing the solar energy that would normally be sent to the grid. 
  • Offset the increased cost of power used during peak times. 

For more information on what solar battery storage system is right for you, check out the Australian Clean Energy Council's free and comprehensive guide to solar battery storage.

Guide to Solar Storage

The Australian Clean Energy Council has created a free comprehensive guide to buying and installing a household battery storage system.

download (.pdf)

Solar Storage Finance

 Elite Electrical & Solar Solutions are proudly partnered with Solar & Energy Finance to provide the best possible finance options for your solar storage system needs! 

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