Solar power purchase agreements

How a Solar Power Purchase Agreement can Benefit your Business!


ELITE Electrical & Solar Solutions are aiming to make renewable energy available for all business’s across Australia through use of Solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPA). 

Solar Power Purchase Agreements are an innovative way of offering businesses across Australia the benefits of an onsite solar system, such as lower energy bills, green brand benefits, reduced exposure to energy price volatility and more – without having to invest any upfront capital in the solar infrastructure. 

Essential, with a PPA, ELITE Electrical & Solar Solutions will take on full ownership and maintenance of the solar system provide on your roof. This means virtually no financial risk for your business. Your business will only purchase the electricity generated by the solar system which is generally cheaper than electricity you’re currently paying from the grid.

Key Benefits of a Solar Power Purchase Agreement: 

No Upfront Costs – 

ELITE Electrical & Solar Solutions will own and maintain the solar PV system with $0 upfront costs. 

No Service or Operational Risks – 

ELITE Electrical & Solar Solutions will take care of operations and maintenance in relation to the system.

Lower Cost of Electricity – 

A PPA gives more certainty with relation to the price of electricity generated from the solar system. 

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Solar power purchase AGREEMENT EXAMPLE

Below is a PDF doccument with an example of how Solar Power Purchase Agreements work.

Commerical_PPA_Example (pdf)