Residential solar

Residential Solar

Why choose solar for you home:


  • Save on power bill- saving power due to using power for solar during the day instead of from the grid.
  • Better for the environment- Clean energy, renewable energy source, no direct greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Increase property value and appeal- if decided to rent out or sell house, a PV solar system is a high demand feature that may add market value.
  • Low maintenance costs- grid connected solar PV systems low maintenance, occasional cleaning and regular check by licensed installer, can last around 20-25 years. 

String - Inverter System:

 A string system is the method that has been used since the launch of the solar industry. In using this method, costs are able to be lower as the products we use dominate the market share therefore keeping manufacturing and consumer costs down. This system has a single inverter located in an accessible location, determine by a site-by-site evaluation. This method does not always come with online monitoring and are not commonly battery ready. In cases where excessive shading occurs it may prove most efficient and cost effective to consider the micro-inverter method - determined by a simple site visit. 

Micro- Inverter System:

 The micro inverter system is slightly different to a string system. Where a string system has one single inverter, this micro system has one inverter per panel making them independent of each other which can in turn increase the production of your system in shaded areas by a significant degree. This system also comes with online monitoring (providing you have a wireless network) and is battery ready. Another key benefit of this system is that it easy to extend at any time as each panel is independent. 

How we determine optimal system sizes:

 We determine your optimal system size based on the usage assessed on your electricity bill. It is near impossible to remove your entire electricity bill as service charges (roughly $1/day) cannot be eliminated with a solar system. However, we can base our calculations as being able to subsidise around 65% of your usage. Using this amount as our 'working amount', your day time usage can be taken care of. As solar is generated through the power of the sun, a stand alone system is limited to day time use and does not factor in night time usage unless batteries are implemented. We choose Enphase Energy as the most trusted, reliable and innovative battery solutions in the solar industry and are proud installers. 

Guide to Residential Solar

The Australian Clean Energy Council has created a free comprehensive guide to buying and installing solar for your household.  

Download (.pdf)

Residential Finance Options

Elite Electrical & Solar Solutions are proudly partnered with Solar & Energy Finance to provide the best possible finance options for your solar system needs!

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