Commercial Solar

Commercial Solar

 We’ve seen first-hand the impact increasing electricity prices have had on the profit margins of Australian businesses. Over the last five years alone, the cost of power has increased at almost four times the rate of inflation and is set to keep rising.

The good news is that whilst energy costs have risen, the price of solar power hardware has significantly reduced. Solar technology has seen a rapid acceleration in recent years and this has resulted in low cost, high efficiency products with robust reliability coming to market. Generating your own power is now significantly cheaper than buying it from a power company. As a business, you will also receive the benefits from depreciation and GST claim back, making the entire project a cash positive scenario in many cases and fast paybacks with high return on investment.

What We Can Do For You...


The experienced team at ELITE Electrical & Solar Solutions will prepare a detailed proposal outlining:

  • your custom system design, created unique to your application, energy usage and site specifics and;
  • your financial assessment which will demonstrate your cash flow, break even and ROI figures for the project’s life-cycle.

If your business is registered for GST and you make a taxable profit, ELITE can assist you in:

  • insulating your business against the future rising costs of electricity
  • recovering the GST component of your capital purchase on your next GST return and;
  • taking advantage of the expense deduction for depreciation.

Guide to Commercial Solar

 The Australian Clean Energy Council has created a free comprehensive guide to buying and installing solar for NSW businesses.

Download (.pdf)

Commercial Finance Options

 Elite Electrical & Solar Solutions are proudly partnered with Solar & Energy Finance to provide the best possible finance options for your solar system needs! 

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